Dear July & August,

Where did you go?? Today I realized that my grandmother’s birthday and the first game for the Dawgs is next weekend and that can only mean one thing… September is practically here!

So what made you blazing-hot months so crazy/ busy/ wonderfully adventurous and awesome? Let’s recap:

July… You were filled with our one-year anniversary trip to Charleston, which spoiled us with bike riding, paddleboarding, and the most exquisite food and drink of our lives (reviews of a gajillion restaurants coming soon). We were reminded of our precious first year of marriage and all of the great things we were able to do together through nightly walks and (finally) being able to view our wedding video. Then when we got home, you threw us a curveball, July. Moving time. I packed up the car and drove away from hubby for 3 weeks while I started working in our new town and he finished up his time down south. I sweated a lot because of you, July. Deep cleaning a classroom and then spending hours sitting on the floor just trying to imagine what the coming weeks would bring. You were really great to me, July, but you were not easy.

And then August… I’ve loved you the most because you’ve helped me feel at home in our new place. Hubby arrived on August 1st, so that alone was enough. But you were filled with even more excitement. August 1 also marked my first day at school with my kiddos. Four beautiful children were brought to my freshly cleaned classroom and in three weeks (really, three seconds) I fell in love with being their teacher. You’ve taught me patience, and you’ve also taught me lessons in unconditional love and the purest of joy (my kids are the most perfect examples of all of the above). I know that I haven’t learned all that I need to yet, August, but you’ve given me a jumpstart of the heart. And then there’s also the cutesy grocery store that I’ve become obsessed with, our newly found love of tennis, coffee, coffee, coffee, and lots and lots of local menus that we’ve sampled in your sunny days.

Part of me never wants the summer months to end because they’ve just been so good… But as I sip my mint mocha and sweat because it’s 110 degrees today, I’m dreaming of October. (No offense, J&A.) And now that life is (slightly) readjusted to normal I’ll be sure to write a little more (until GAA begins :) ).

A Month of “Awesome” – Day 30 (The End!)

After a month of reflecting on so many awesome things in my life, I am truly thankful. And I’d like to end my month of awesome sharing with you an awesome video by an awesome kid (president, that is). Please watch and find out what makes summer so awesome/ how to make someone else’s summer super awesome.

Advocacy for children (and Kid President’s awesome heart for giving). The most awesome!

A Month of “Awesome” – Day 29

My number one favorite thing to do is be silly. Whether it’s at home, with friends, or in public I love a good laugh. Will & I were put in charge of game night with the youth at church tonight and we decided rather than go the typical physical challenge game route we’d take a different approach.

We divided the youth into four groups and gave them songs to make up interpretative dances too… It was possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed. We had boys dancing with a teddy bear to Barbara Ann. There was a very good solo rendition of It’s Gonna Be Me by N*Sync. We felt a lot of soul to Waterfalls by TLC. And (very reluctantly) we saw a surprisingly energetic interpretation of Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. Classics.

And to make it even better we played a game afterwards where some of the kids shared funny/ embarrassing stories about themselves… Pure joy!

Laughing until your sides hurt. My favorite kind of awesome.

A Month of “Awesome” – Day 28

Will, Marie & I got to visit Meme and Papa this weekend in Jacksonville. It was such a fun weekend spending time with family! We went on a breakfast adventure with Papa, shopping with Meme, and then got to share stories of the present and past all together. I’m all about some quality time and our roadtrip was well worth it to see family that we love so dearly.

Quality time with quality people. So awesome!

A Month of “Awesome” – Day 27

I’m not working this summer so there’s a lot of room for me to be a lazy bum. Some days I choose that path for myself. Other days I find myself checking things off a list like a pro and being very productive. Today was one of those “get things done” days. I did two craft projects… two! I hemmed Will’s pants (I can do that?! Who knew!?). I fixed my dress that I ripped (I can also do that?!). I fixed my purse (so I fixed a lot of things that I had damaged…) AND I did all the laundry in the whole house. ALL of it is clean… This might be a first.

Small victories. Really awesome!

A Month of “Awesome” – Day 25

One of things I’ll miss most about Thomasville is my group of teacher friends. They are the most wonderful women to work with and share life with, and today I got to have lunch with them :) We laughed our heads off, swapped stories, and ate Savannah Moon… plus desserts! I have truly been inspired by these women and their willingness to share their classrooms with me. In my heart I’ll always be a Jergersaurus :)

Good company and tin roof pie. Indeed my lunch was awesome!


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